Classroom Training

We are dedicated to providing the best training possible, starting with our 7,ooo sq.ft. classroom facility. Multiple classes can be taught simultaneously.

Tower Services

RAKM provides a 345' Self Supporting Tower for all practical training given in Fort Worth, Texas. This gives our students the ability to train at elevations higher than any other training company.

Retail Services

Our Retail Team has set up partnerships with the largest and most widely used manufacturers worldwide.  We can provide the training and we can provide you access to the equipment you trained on.


RAKM Tower Rescue is a family owned business, founded in 2010 by Rick and Dee Dee Flynt.  The letters RAKM, stand for our daughters (youngest to oldest) Raegan, Abby, Kendall and Mackenzie.

After years in the fire service and the telecom industry we recognized a need to properly train first responder's and telecom climbers to safely work on telecommunication towers and to rescue others in need on those towers.  We believe in a Boot Camp/Academy style of training, climbers should train more not less and our pricing provides companies the financial freedom to provide that training.

Our program has a proven track record with one of the largest telecom companies in the world and we welcome the opportunity to train all climbers.